Messianic Jewish Congregations in Houston, Texas; Messianic Jewish Congregation in The Woodlands, Texas; Messianic Jewish Congregation in Conroe, Texas;

The founding assembly, a Messianic Congregation, is in Conroe, Texas, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

Mikdash Meh’at – Conroe/The Woodlands, Texas


Mikdash Meh’at is a “Little Sanctuary”, a Messianic Congregation in The Woodlands, Texas/Conroe, Texas. We are a fellowship of about sixty + people, most of whom are very mature believers in Messiah who have walked the Torah of Messiah for many years. Mikdash Meh’at adheres to the tenets of the Messianic Peshitta Fellowship whole-heartedly. For now, you can reach the assembly by going to the “Torah of Messiah” page, or on the mirror facebook page, and leaving a message there, or at 832.381.7187….

His Torah on Freedom Lake

To support the operational costs of Congregation Mikdash Meh’at in Conroe: “So let every man give according to what he has decided in his mind, not begrudgingly or of compulsion; for Elohim loves a cheerful giver…” donate to Mikdash Meh’at

Mikdash Meh’at – Greenfield, Wisconsin

Mikdash Meh’at is a small home fellowship that assembles virtually with the Conroe assembly. If you’re in the Greenfield Wisconsin area, contact them, currently through the facebook page above, for location and time.

other assemblies listed soon….

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