Messiah School

Messiah School, The Woodlands, Texas


We are introducing a new private school rooted in the faith of the Scriptures, returning education to its original, intended purpose: to train up a child in The Way in which he should go.

We are already operating as a private tutoring/teaching, in-home service. We have been putting together a biblical curriculum for several years, to serve as the foundation for learning, and we have been creating a syllabus of courses.

Messiah School’s founders are two very experienced educators who have a unified goal of educating children according to the Biblical model.

Meet the Founding Teachers:

Daniel Perek

Daniel Perek is a former engineering/graphics design contractor who has since become a certified History teacher. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, and a Master’s Degree in History from Sam Houston State University. Daniel has taught the scriptures for twenty-eight years, and has taught the Hebrew language for fourteen years. He has written curricula for Bible education, and teaches students online weekly, and still leads a congregation. He is passionate about education, having homeschooled his two children with his wife.

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