Support Israel

“Pray for the Shalom [peace] of Jerusalem; may those who love you be secure.”

Our hearts go out to Israel and its people. We have friends on the ground there, and we have reached out to them and asked how best to help.

These are the three resources that were recommended to us from various friends in Israel. These are known for doing good in Israel with what is given:

….”we delivered packages of essential items to the soldiers”

…”Help provide emergency relief for families across Israel who have lost loved ones and who have been displaced during this crisis.” 

“Benji’s unit have a non profit that will handle donations. Medical supplies – They were missing first aid equipment , a business man in France sent them 6 Corpuls, 3 defibrillators. They kept one and passed the rest on. They are already saving lives. Cost $8,000 a piece.”