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“The Torah of Messiah” is our educational outreach Messianic “Yeshiva”. The Study is informal, but very in-depth, and is free. If you desire a certificate of completion for any course, please send a message to the Yeshiva on the social media site(s) listed below with pertinent information, and proof of your participation/complete viewing of the series in the form of a well-written outline of the course and your summary of it, and key points you learned. Ordination is offered only after completion, communication, meeting, and fasting and prayer.

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“Yeshiva” means “a sitting”, a place where students sit to study Torah. Ours is called “Toraht HaMashi’akh”, the Torah of Messiah.

The Torah of Messiah – on RUMBLE

The Torah of Messiah – on Freedom Lake Patriot Social Network

We are currently doing a zoom meeting for our Thursday Night Yeshiva class. The Zoom link is posted weekly on FREEDOM LAKE (link above). JOIN US!

LIVE MESSIANIC STUDY TIMES: thur nights at 7:00 P.M. U.S. central time.


There are two other studies loaded on the RUMBLE “The Torah of Messiah” page: “Tekhilat HaDavar”, or, “The Elementary Principles of The Word,” a six-week study that details the very basic tenets that all are supposed to understand, according to Sha’ul in Heb 5-6:1-2. And “Messianic Prophetic Life,” showing how are daily lives in prayer and observance are very prophetic in nature.

If you are called by G-d to teach and lead in His Congregation and are seeking Messianic ordination or Messianic credentials, please send a message on the Torah of Messiah page to open dialogue.

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