“The Torah of Messiah” is our educational outreach Messianic “Yeshiva”.

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“Yeshiva” means “a sitting”, a place where students sit to study Torah. For now, we are starting an informal “Yeshiva”, or Torah school, online, called “Toraht HaMashi’akh”, the Torah of Messiah.

The Torah of Messiah – on RUMBLE

The Torah of Messiah – on Freedom Lake Patriot Social Network

We are currently doing a zoom meeting for our Thursday Night Yeshiva class. The Zoom link is posted weekly on FREEDOM LAKE (link above). JOIN US!

Our Current study is a deep dive into the Messianic Peshitta Bar and Bat Mitzvah Study Guide. The Bar Mitzvah Study Guide was written for teens and adults; we are studying it at a deeper level. As of 03/01/21, we were in week 14 of the study. JOIN US. Get the workbook from our ‘resources‘ page. On 10/15/20, we began our study of the “Messianic Peshitta Bar & Bat Mitzvah Study Guide”. This is for adults who wish just to learn the nature of life in Messiah more thoroughly, but also perhaps then to do a Messianic Bar Mitzvah, since many did not grow up in the Messianic faith; and for some, they will then be able to teach their own children from the study guide. 

LIVE MESSIANIC STUDY TIMES: thur nights at 7:00 P.M. U.S. central time.

There are two other studies loaded on the RUMBLE “The Torah of Messiah” page: 

Tekhilat HaDavar: as study of the elementary principles of the faith, six weeks long.

Prophetic Messianic Life Liturgical Study: a deep dive into the prophetic nature of prayer in the Siddur. 

We just completed studying “The Prophetic Messianic Life”, looking at how the daily life of a person of faith in Messiah who walks His Torah is very prophetic in nature, and our daily activities in the faith prepare us for His return. This study will probably take us all the way through the summer. When we finish it, we will begin a survey of the Tanakh [OT].

If you desire a certificate of completion for any course, please send a message to the Yeshiva on the facebook site with pertinent information, and proof of your participation/complete viewing of the series in the form of a well-written outline of the course and your summary of it, and key points you learned.

If you are called by G-d to teach and lead in His Congregation and are seeking Messianic ordination or Messianic credentials, please send a message on the Torah of Messiah page to open dialogue.

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