“The Torah of Messiah” is our educational outreach Messianic “Yeshiva”. “Yeshiva” means “a sitting”, a place where students sit to study Torah. Ours is called “Toraht HaMashi’akh”, the “Torah of Messiah”. The Study is informal, but very in-depth, and is offered freely to all who would know/serve Messiah Yeshua.


The live classes are held on Thursday nights, but are posted after the fact on our channels.

If you are called by G-d to teach and lead in His Congregation and are seeking Messianic ordination or Messianic credentials, please send a message on to: to open dialogue.

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“Let him who hears HaDavar share his bounty with the one who teaches him.” Gal 6:6

The Torah of Messiah Yeshivah

The Torah of Messiah Yeshiva

LIVE MESSIANIC STUDY TIMES: thur nights at 7:00 P.M. U.S. central time.

Hebrew Lessons 6:15 P.M.