Below are the core beliefs of The Fellowship. There will invariably be differences of opinion on many scriptural matters, but there should be none on these that are so foundational and plain. Sometimes semantics get in the way of seeing we actually agree. We encourage congregational leaders to pray and consider differences in wording concerning more difficult topics, and whether we agree on the thought, but perhaps differ only on the expression. For deeper understanding/insight into the doctrines that are described very briefly below, please contact one of the members of our leadership. [see the glossary for definitions of terms used]


There is ONE G-d. He is Elohim, the Creator of the whole earth, having created Heaven and Earth, the seas, and all that is in them, and everything in the skies, and all creatures on the lands. He did so in six 24-hour earth days.

He is the G-d of Avraham, Yitz’khak, and Ya’akov. He is the G-d of Yisra’el. His Name is יהוה , and as such is “The Existing One,” “Who was, is, and will be”.


Yeshua is a man, who is also the very image of the Creator in a human Body. The Nature of יהוה , the very power of life and creation, is embodied in Yeshua’s character, and manifests in His flesh. He is thus the SON of G-d, having been conceived of the Ru’akh of the Creator in a virgin, Miryam of Natzrat, a daughter of Yisra’el’s royal line of Melekh David. He is thus “Melekh HaY’hudim”, or “King of the Jews.” Yeshua came to earth as an infant, was circumcised into the Covenant of Avraham, grew up as a Jew in Yisra’el, ministered to the Nation of Yisra’el, our Jewish people, teaching them the Torah and correcting their error. They seized Him, and together with gentiles condemned Him to death. He died during Pesakh [Passover], and rose from the dead at the very start of Bikkurim. He showed Himself to His Talmidim [Torah Students] and others as a resurrected man, before He then ascended visibly into Heaven, where He now lives, at the right hand of His Father, our Creator.

One day, Yeshua will meet His Bride in the heavens, and there will be a union with Him; the Bride, His congregation, will assemble around the Throne of the Creator; seven years later, Yeshua will return to the earth with His Bride and take vengeance on the wicked. He will then rule on the earth for 1,000 years.


יהוה is the spoken Name of the Creator. Elohim, G-d, the creator, is an immeasurable being. He is NOT limited to ‘three-ness’, but is ONE being who manifested to mankind “in many forms and in many ways,” [Heb 1:1], saying, “I will be WHATEVER I will be”.

And then He said, “ יהוה ….. THIS is My Name FOREVER .” [Shemot 3:15]

But He, the Creator, while still seated on His throne, is NOW manifested to us permanently in the man, Yeshua HaMashi’akh, and is revealed to us by His Ru’akh when we Hear of His Good News and trust in His blood, since Yeshua, the Man, sits at the right hand of the Creator in heaven. We ‘see’ G-d through Him, by the Ru’akh. This is ONE Elohim, manifesting to us in Yeshua by His Ru’akh. Yeshua is a manifestation of G-d. The Ru’akh is an emanation from G-d through Yeshua, to us. He is ONE Elohim, manifested, revealed.

The Name, יהוה , is His declared Name, which He commands us to call Him, and the Name which He commands us to declare to the world.

Yeshua, being the very power of creation, was in Elohim, יהוה , in the beginning [Yokh 1:1, 8:42]. Elohim created all [Gen 1], but יהוה Elohim interacted with mankind [Gen 2]. This is the beginning of the manifestation of G-d in many forms and ways.

He manifested to Avraham, Yitz’khak, and Ya’akov as the “Malakh יהוה ” the Messenger [angel] of יהוה . This same manifestation appeared in the bush to Moshe, and NOT ‘as’ a bush. The Malakh יהוה looks ‘like’ a man, but is in fact a manifestation of Elohim in the ‘form’ of a man. This is a pre-manifestation of the Man we now call Yeshua, D’var [The Word Of] יהוה , who IS a man, and is the permanent manifestation of the Creator in a human body/flesh. This IS יהוה , and this IS Mashi’akh [Messiah], Yeshua. Yeshua, the man, inherited this Name, יהוה , [“O Av Kadosh, protect them in Your Name, which You have given me, that they may be one, even as we are.” Jo 17:11, Heb 1:4; see also Acts 2:36, and Phil 2:10-11] If Yeshua is not, right now, a MAN, then we have no hope, as we declare that we put our trust in the RESURRECTION. G-d cannot die, and did not die; the MAN, Yeshua, died. His soul went into She’ol, His body into the grave, while Elohim was still on His throne. [Acts 2:31]

Because He obeyed His Father, since He had His Nature in Him, Elohim has made Him both יהוה and Mashi’akh. [2:36]

Yeshua declared His Name, and inherited His Name. And we are instructed to call on that Name [2:21], and declare that Name.

“He humbled himself and became obedient to death, even the death of the stake; therefore, Elohim also has highly exalted Him and given Him a Name which is above every name, that at the Name of Yeshua every knee should bow, of those in heaven, of those on earth, and those under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that He, Yeshua HaMashi’akh, is יהוה , to the glory of Elohim His Father.” [Fil 2:9-11]


Ru’akh is ‘breath’, or ‘spirit’. The Ru’akh HaKodesh [Consecrated/Holy Spirit] is not separate from G-d the Creator, but is an emanation of Him, as our breath emanates from us and carries our words. The Ru’akh is not a person, but is the eternal emanation of the person of G-d, יהוה . Elohim sits on His Throne; He has form. We are created/fashioned in His form. His Ru’akh emanates from within Him, and it is by His Ru’akh that He is omnipresent. His power manifests in His Ru’akh. His Presence manifests in His Ru’akh. It is by and through His Ru’akh that Yeshua, HaDavar, the Word of G-d, left Him and came into being. Yeshua was given a great measure of the power of the Ru’akh at His immersion, and by the Ru’akh did His miracles. The Ru’akh is now also called “Ru’akh HaMashi’akh”, as Yeshua has been given “all power”, and Ha’Av, the Father, speaks to us by His Ru’akh through Yeshua. His Ru’akh moves [motivates] us, speaks to us by His Word, and reveals the Will of G-d to us, if indeed we have His Ru’akh in us.


Salvation is from the Jews. Yeshua is Jewish. He is Salvation, and His Name, Yeshua, means “Salvation”.

Yeshua saves us by rescuing us from our sins. Adam brought ‘Khatah” [breaking Torah, sin] into the world, when he disobeyed the instructions of our Creator. The ‘neshama’, the spiritual ‘life’ of Adam, the essence that connected Him to life in the Creator, died when he sinned, and as a result, his body died nearly 1,000 years later.

Yeshua declared salvation, saying that He came to save us from sin, and to give us ‘life’. He restores to us a living neshama by His Ru’akh, and then also gives us of His Ru’akh as a garment. This is ‘eternal life,’ which will one day also resurrect our own bodies. Those who trust in Yeshua continually and demonstrate that trust through humble obedience to His Word will rise from the dead, because they live in Him.

Yeshua saves us from ourselves, our propensity to break His Torah. Sin is the breaking of Torah. Remaining in sin, or continually breaking Torah without contrition, brings perpetual death. These are the lost.

SALVATION IS BY TRUST ALONE. NOTHING in scripture can be more plain. True salvation that imparts ‘tzedaka’, however, will produce OBEDIENCE to His Mitzvot [Torah commandments]. This is probably the MOST critical tenet of trust in Yeshua the Messiah. Many believers who think they do not follow the Torah, do not follow it ‘fully’, but they DO follow it, even though they do not realize it. [Rom 2:14] We believe that ALL believers, Jew AND Gentile, are being ‘purified’ in these last days, by being called back to the foundation of trust, Yeshua, our only Rabbi, and His Torah, walking it out the way He did [1 Jo 2:6]. Trusting in the blood He shed on the tree saves us. Obeying His Mitzvot consecrates us, and communicates His message of REPENTANCE more clearly in this DARK world.


Elohim, the Creator and King of the Universe, chose Avram, changed his name to Avraham, and entered into covenant with him, preaching the B’sorah to him, and declaring him a Tzadik because he trusted in יהוה . He then also obeyed the Torah.

The genetic, chosen children of Avraham are the descendants of his son Yitz’khak, through his son Ya’akov. Ya’akov is the patriarch of the twelve sons whose names identify twelve tribes. Ya’akov’s name was changed to Yisra’el/Israel. There are only twelve tribes, descended from the twelve sons of Yisra’el. They formed a nation in Eretz Yisra’el.

The nation split in two, and the northern tribes were scattered and forgotten [Hoshe’ah 4:6] because of their spiritual harlotry, mixing the worship of יהוה with the worship of Ba’al and Ishtar.

The southern Kingdom was called “Yehudah”, and from there we get our moniker for this people, the “Jews”. The Jewish people today are the only known genetic Israel. The remnant of the ten northern tribes already returned and rejoined the southern Kingdom, as plainly seen in scripture [2 Chron 30], and all twelve tribes were then scattered again, together, in 150 AD, and will again be brought back into the land, together, as one family, known as Jews, as the Nevi’im declared. The ‘two sticks’ are already united, and the descendants of Yisra’el are ONE: the Jewish people.

This is earthly, genetic Israel, and no other.

[We are certain that there are descendants of the northern tribes in other areas, but no one can ascertain where or who they are, with any certainty. It is all mere speculation, and some of the proponents of genetic identity make word associations up, genetic mumbo jumbo, etc. It is deceit. The ones that were scattered are forgotten. Some of their very distant offspring today may indeed be believers in Yeshua, but if so, they are saved because of and by their trust ALONE, and are become the Yisra’el of G-d, along with Jews AND Gentiles. They were scattered, according to scripture, into parts that are now almost exclusively Islamic, oddly enough. Our Jewish People have searched them out, and found all the former tribes to be in parts east in Eurasia and Asia, and in east and southern Africa.]

“Charge certain ones not to teach diverse doctrines, and not to give heed to fables and stories of endless genealogies, which cause dispute, rather than build up HaEmunah of Elohim.”

Two-house doctrine does NOTHING to build trust in Yah. It only divides, just as our Jewish people divide the Body at times. “Is Mashi’akh divided?” No!

The Israel of Elohim [Gal 6:16] , those CHOSEN BY PROMISE THROUGH TRUST, is comprised of any JEW who TRUSTS IN the risen Yeshua as the son of Elohim, A JEW, AND, any Goy [gentile, non-descendant of Avraham] who has joined himself to Yeshua, the King of the Jews, in like manner. [Rom 2:29, 11:17-21, Gal 3:9, 6:16]


The Mo’edim are “The Appointed Times.” They are to be kept according to His instruction, and not man’s, be he rabbi, priest, or other. We follow Yeshua’s example, who kept the Pesakh a night before the Rabbis, along with much of Yisra’el, and He fulfilled the first four Mo’edim, showing that the Rabbis had them wrong. They executed Adon HaKavod [The Master of Glory], and yet people today follow them. We do not. יהוה plainly tells us that the sun, moon, and stars are given to set the “Mo’edim,” and He tells us plainly that the sacred year is determined by the barley when it is “aviv” at the time of the Khodesh. The year has twelve ‘khadashim’, or lunar cycles. In the twelfth Khodesh leading up to a possible 13th ‘crescent new moon,’ if the barley is aviv, ‘in the ear’, ready to harvest, then the next crescent new moon, ‘khodesh’, must be seen to determine the first Khodesh for setting the Mo’edim. It then becomes the first Khodesh, and not the 13th. If the barley is not ripe, ‘aviv’, then there is a 13th lunar cycle, and the next Khodesh is the 1st of the new year. Pesakh is the first Mo’ed of the yearly celebrations, and occurs at the start of the 14th day after the crescent new moon of the 1st ‘khodesh’, lunar cycle, [in evening, as biblical days start in the evening]. All the other Mo’edim are set by counting from the Khodesh of Pesakh.

These are all listed in VaYikra [Lev] 23. They are:

  • Shabbat
  • Pesakh
  • Matzot
  • Reshit Omer
  • Shavu’ot
  • Yom Teru’ah
  • Yom Kippur
  • Sukkot

The Shabbat is HIS, the Shabbat of יהוה , and not of the Jews. He made the Jews custodians of His Word, but it is His Shabbat. As are all the Mo’edim [yearly appointed celebrations] His.

The Shabbat is the Seventh Day of the week starting at sundown on ‘fri’ night, going to sundown on ‘sat’ night. This is absolute. No other times for Shabbat are acceptable. Rome made certain to know the Seventh day Sabbath when they moved their day of worship to the 1st day of the week and created a state religion.

Elohim set the ‘clock’ of the Sabbath, making certain the Jews knew when it was, by giving them manna for 40 years, a double portion on the 6th day, and none on the 7th day. Yisra’el has been tracking the Shabbat ever since. Our Jewish people have not erred in keeping the Shabbat and being the custodians of it. The Shlikhim show us that they also followed this model. There is a Havdallah service in Ma’asei [Acts] 21, clearly showing the keeping of the Sabbath and the ceremony of closing it out with lamps, and with fellowship, on ‘sat’ night.

It is His day of rest, and it is a DELIGHT to Him. Yeshua is the Adon of Shabbat. He did not move it. Neither did He rise from the dead on the morning of the 1st day, but at the very moment Shabbat ended, Motza’ei Shabbat, ‘at the start of the week.’ [ie Sat. night]

The Mo’edim are “Prophetic Celebrations”. Shabbat, every week, is a picture of the upcoming 7th Millennium, our future ‘day of rest’ when Messiah Yeshua returns to earth.

The seven yearly Mo’edim are also very prophetic, and this is one reason why we celebrate them according to Yeshua’s pattern, other than the mere fact that He instructs us to do so.

Pesakh, Matzot, Reshit Omer, & Shavuot

Pesakh is the first yearly “Mo’ed” of the creator. He established the “Mo’edim” in B’reshit 1:14 – “And Elohim said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for Mo’adim, and for days and years…”

Pesakh is the ‘mo’ed’, the khag, the ‘celebratory feast’ that is held in the beginning of the ‘sacred’ year. Elohim instructs us to ‘see’ the first Khodesh, which is determined to be the first Khodesh by the presence of barley that is “Aviv”, or ripened. After the 12th lunar cycle, when the Khodesh, [renewed crescent] is seen, if the barley in the land is ‘in the ear,’ then and only then is the first Khodesh of the “new year” declared, and the count of 14 days to Pesakh begins. Pesakh is held on the 14th evening of that ‘khodesh,’ counting from the sighted crescent and aviv barley.

Our Jewish people moved the Pesakh to the evening of the 15th. Most of Judaism still observes it on that day. We do not. Yeshua determines our steps, and He kept His Pesakh Seder on the night of the 14th, as did many in Yisra’el, though the P’rushim had moved it. [We believe this is one reason they did not recognize Him]

Pesakh is the recounting of the “Exodus” of Shemot. It is the story of deliverance and redemption. There are four cups at a Pesakh Seder, and Yeshua took the cup ‘after dinner,’ the third cup, and declared the Brit Khadashah, the RENEWED covenant of Yirme-Yahu 31:30-33. It is the cup of redemption in His blood and body.

The Pesakh is also a ‘season,’ lasting all the way to Shavu’ot. The Pesakh is followed on the night of the 15th with “Matzot”, a continuation of eating the Matzah of Pesakh for six more days, the memorial of having bread to eat on the night they left Mitzrayim, the 15th of the first khodesh. They left Mitzrayim at night, on the 15th, under the full moon. The night of Matzot is a simple memorial by eating Matzot apart from the Pesakh matzah, for six more days [Deut 16]. This is the night the Bread of Life was put in the grave.

After three days they emerged from their immersion in Yam Suf, and prophetically depicted the resurrection of Yeshua from His immersion in death.

Image 1: Pesakh Timeline according to SCRIPTURE

Yeshua held His Seder on the night of [Tuesday] the 14th, and was arrested and tried that night. At 3:00 P.M. of that ‘day’, He was executed on the 14th day [biblical days start in the evening, B’reshit 1:5], and taken off the tree before sundown, put in the grave at the start of the 15th on a Wednesday night. He stayed in the grave for three days and three nights, Wed night through Thur day up to the night is 1, Thur night through Fri day up to the night is 2, and Fri night through Sat day up to the night is 3. Yeshua rose from the dead at the end of the Shabbat, at the very beginning of the biblical first day, the day light was created. This day is also “Reshit Omer,” the ‘first omer’ or the first wave-sheaf offering, otherwise known as the beginning of “Firstfruits”. Messiah is thus our ‘firstfruits from among the dead’. Yeshua rose from the dead at the very beginning of ‘firstfruits’, the first day of the week. By this, He establishes that the first Omer, or wave-sheaf of firstfruits, is ALWAYS on the first day of the week [sun], and does NOT move around, as our Jewish people observe it. The ‘day’ of firstfruits followed, and He ascended to the throne, and returned to reveal Himself to His Talmidim as the resurrected Savior the next evening. [for more detail, see founders blog entry]

For forty-three days, Yeshua then appeared to many people in His resurrected Body. He then ascended up into Heaven bodily and visibly in front of many Talmidim. Seven days later, when the end of “Counting the Omer” was reached, on the fiftieth day, called “Shavu’ot”, Yeshua sent the Ru’akh HaKodosh to His Talmidim, the first message of the B’sorah was declared in that power by Kefa. and 3,000 Jewish people were saved that day. This was the beginning of the Congregation of Yisra’el in new life under the Brit Khadashah. As the first Omer is always on a first day of the week, so also is Shavu’ot, as it is seven weeks and a day from the first Omer.

Image 2: Prophetic order of the Mo’adim

These first four feasts represent the right side of the Menorah, and Shavu’ot [“Sevens” or “Weeks”] is on the ‘Tree’ of the Menorah. Messiah obviously fulfilled [confirmed, made full] the first FOUR feasts, at the end of the fourth Millennium of mankind [2,000 years ago]. There remain three branches yet to be fulfilled:

Yom Teru’ah, Yom Kippur, & Sukkot

Yom Teru’ah is a ‘khok’, an unexplained decree. It is the declaration of the Seventh Khodesh with the blasting of the Shofar. There is only ONE passage of scripture that clearly discusses Yom Teruah on the peshat level [plain meaning], ‘the day of the awakening blast/shout’. We celebrate it by blasting the Shofar and Shouting. It is the beginning of the fall season of harvest. It is the very beginning of “The Day of יהוה ”, the last millennium. It is also “Yom HaDin”, or ‘judgment day’, being the Judgment of the Tzadikim.

It is a ‘sod’, or a scriptural mystery. It is rife with symbolism. This ‘sod’ is ‘revealed’, or shown to us, by Sha’ul, in Korinti’im Alef 15:52, and in Tesalonikim Alef 4:16-17.

Yom HaKippurim

Yom Kippur is the “Day of Atonements”, and is “The Great Day”, and “Yom HaPedut”, the day of redemption. It is the tenth day of the seventh Khodesh. It is the judgment of the damned. This is the only commanded fast in all of scripture, a day of ‘affliction of the soul’, because it is the day people will be judged forever to spend eternity with Him or in utter darkness. It is the day Yeshua will put His foot down on Har HaZetim and condemn the wicked. It is also the day that at the end of the 7th Millennium, the damned will be raised from the dead and sentenced to eternal destruction and torment. This is why we afflict our souls on this day, and ‘examine ourselves’ to see if we walk in true Emunah.


Sukkot is the seventh “Mo’ed”, and is a picture of the seventh Millennium, when we will dwell with Yeshua on earth. It is on the 15th day of the seventh Khodesh. It is the commemoration of Yisra’el dwelling in ‘booths’ for forty years. We are commanded to build and sit in booths for the seven days of “Sukkot”. It is the ‘ingathering’ of the harvest of fruits, nuts, and grapes for wine. It is the Mo’ed for the Nations, the time when seventy bulls are offered for all nations, and all are invited to celebrate this khag. All the nations will serve Messiah Yeshua during the last millennium, and into eternity, with eternity being symbolized by the “Eighth Day” after Sukkot, or Shmini Atzeret, the Eighth FESTIVITY.

Yeshua was born on the first day of Sukkot, in a Sukka! Our Aramaic texts make this plain:

“And this is a sign for you: you will find the babe wrapped in strips of cloth and lying in a sukka.” …And they came hurriedly, and found Miryam and Yosef and the babe at rest in the sukka.” Luka 2:12, 16.

On the evening of the 15th day of the seventh Khodesh, a full moon, the first night of Sukkot, He was born. He was circumcised on the Eighth Day, Shemini Atzeret, the day after the seventh day of Sukkot, the Great Day of Rejoicing in the Torah.

End Times

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