Jesus is not Messiah’s Name, per se. To some people, it is the only way they hear/heard of the Son of God, and they DO know Him by that name. It is not a heresy to call Him “Jesus”. There are those, however, within the “Messianic” and “Hebrew Roots” ‘movements’ who decry the name “Jesus” as a heresy, and at the same time call Him something OTHER than what scriptures call Him. The Scriptures, both the “Old” and “New” “Testaments”, call Him Yeshua. But there are many who have begun to teach that His Name is not Yeshua, but some variation of it, and they have no scriptural basis whatsoever on which to conclude that. Most of these people are adding the prefix for “Yah”, or “Yahu”, to what they perceive to be the ‘end’ of His Name, to get variations like, “Yahu-Shu’a”, “Yah-Shu’ah”, “Yaweh-Shua”, and even more ridiculous attempts at ‘translating’ His Name. “Yeshua” is spelled plainly in Aramaic AND Hebrew, “ישוע”, “Yeshua”. It means “Salvation”, or “He Will Save”. The Yod is part and parcel to the word, and is not “Yah” with missing letters. “Yahushua”, or any other contrivance, is unnecessary. They are trying to stuff יהוה into Yeshua’s name, to support the truth that He is indeed יהוה in flesh. To do that is redundant, however. First, there is NO ancient document to support that variation of His Name. Whereas we have the Hebrew text of the OT with Yeshua ALL THROUGH IT: Moshe sang, ” יהוה is become for me Yeshua” in Ex 15:2. The Psalms and Isaiah and the prophets repeat this multiple times. The psalms have multiple, direct implications that יהוה is YESHUA [Salvation]. The Aramaic NT texts have His Name as YESHUA, over and over again. In Aramaic, the vowels are intrinsic to the alef-bet, and NO OTHER PRONUNCIATION works. Further, in Aramaic, מריא = יהוה . “Maryah = Yahu’ah” . It is HIS NAME, the Creator’s, which was given to Yeshua. When Kefa [Peter] first declared the B’sorah, he declared, “Elohim [Creator] has made this Yeshua [His Son, a man] both יהוה AND Mashi’akh.” [Acts 2:36] Phil 2:10-11 state plainly in Aramaic, “Elohim also has highly exalted Him and given Him a Name which is above every name, that at the Name of Yeshua every knee should bow, of those in heaven, of those on earth, and those under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that He, Yeshua HaMashi’akh, is יהוה , to the glory of Elohim His Father.” Kefa also said, “Be immersed in the Name, “יהוה Yeshua”…. To say ” יהוה Yahu’shu’ah” is redundant, and devoid of scholarship. So, Yeshua’s Name, that is above EVERY Name, is ” יהוה Yeshua HaMashi’akh.” “Yeshua” is a man’s name, Yeshua = Joshua. The book of Hebrews calls the OT Joshua “Jesus” in the KJV! Yeshua was a common man’s name in Yeshua’s day! The name “Jesus” did not exist! In the 1611 King James Bible, it was actually spelled “Iesus”, as the “J” had not become officially a letter of the alphabet, and did not until 1711, when the KJV was modified and the English-speaking world finally standardized on calling Him “Jesus”. There is NO NEED for us to stuff “Yah” into the name “Yeshua” and call Him Yahushua or any other made-up word. SCRIPTURE has indeed given us the correct spelling and pronunciation, and the evidence is overwhelming.